Student Teacher Training

Our goal in the Student Teacher Training Program is to nurture a student’s desire to teach. We will help students to identify the different aspects involved in being a Dance Educator. The Student Teacher Training program covers two levels: Level One: 10-12 years (Helper) Teacher Training and Level Two: 13yrs + (Assistant) Teacher Training. Students who are interested in learning the art of teaching dance are encouraged to apply.

Objectives:A�To help the teacher with the running of the class and gain an understanding of what skills are required of a dance teacher.

As aA�Teacher HelperA�you will:

  • Take students in, out and around the studio,
  • Show each exercise with the teacher,
  • Be a positive and keen role model,
  • Encourage students in class,
  • Hand out and pack away props,
  • Help students who need extra practice,
  • Go with students when they are leaving the room during class time,
  • Help students to change shoes,
  • Help the teacher with studio tidying,
  • Complete all tasks your supervising teacher asks.

Attendance at each class must be a priority to birthday parties and other social activities that may co-incide, with the exception of dance examinations or performances.

Requirements / Expectations

  • Good communication skills for interacting with students, teachers and occasionally parents.
  • Willing to take initiative with tasks that have been assigned,
  • Maintain a positive and friendly manner while present at the school,
  • Be a good role model for younger students; by alwaysA� being punctual and dressed correctly,
  • Willingness to take direction and act on constructive feedback from the teacher.


As a Teacher Assistant you will gain a greater understanding of the role a dance educator has by observing class and completing worksheets about what takes place in a dance class and how the teacher instructs the class. This will provide the assistant with the understanding of how to run a class and they will be provided with opportunities to instruct activities and develop their teaching skills.

In addition to the Teacher Helper duties, theA�Teacher AssistantA�will:

  • Mark the roll; when necessary,
  • Lead some warm-ups and exercises,
  • Keep students on task and focused,
  • Correct students who are not following instructions,
  • Observe the teacher in class and complete booklet activities.

Placements in the Student Teacher Training Program are by invitation only and are offered to Students who show a high degree of interest and commitment.