Our classes are supportive, friendly and conducted by experienced and qualified teachers.

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Dance Builds Confidence

Dance builds confidence & enhances self-esteem

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Dance Fosters Friendships

Friendships are formed and strengthened

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Dance connects with the 'Whole' Child

Dance positively feeds the body, heart and mind

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Dance provides Fun and Fulfillment

Learning dance should be fun

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Classes for 2-7 yr olds

Jane Grech Dance Clubs is the Under 8’s division of Jane Grech Dance Centre. Offering classes for students between 2 and 8 years wishing to pursue dance as a fun, healthy hobby in 6 convenient North Eastern suburb locations.

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Classes for 8 yrs - Adult

The Academy at Jane Grech Dance Centre, located on Milne Road, Modbury North is ideal for students over 8 years with a high standard of commitment and personal interest in dance.

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Student Teacher Training

Our goal in the Student Teacher Training Program is to nurture a student’s desire to teach. The program covers two levels: Level One: 10-12 years (Helper) and Level Two: 13yrs + (Assistant).

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to our ‘family friendly’ Dance Centre

Jane Grech Dance Centre is a family owned business, run by Directors Jane and Brian Grech. We are committed to offering family friendly policies including being a Values led organisation, no Costume Making, choice of timetable options, and reasonable tuition and performance fees.

Jane Grech Dance Centre offers classes for students from 8 years to adult. {For further information regarding classes for students 2 to 8 years please visit our junior school ‘Jane Grech Dance Club’ } Genres offered at JGDC include our ‘Core subjects’ of Classical Ballet, Jazz and Tap. Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Acrobatic Arts are also offered as ‘Elective subjects’ meaning that students must be also enrolled in one of our Core Subjects to participate. Assessments are available in Classical Ballet through Australian Teachers of Dancing, and while they are encouraged they are not compulsory.

Students are invited to perform in our Annual Performance each September, however these performances do not place unrealistic expectations on parent finances or time. No costume making is required and costs are kept to a minimum.  Music choices, costumes and choreography (dance steps) are age appropriate.


Modbury North  (Main Studios & Head Office)

Branches   Greenwith   |   Mawson Lakes  

Hillcrest    |   Parafield Gardens

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Need more information?

Feel free to get in touch if would you like further information regarding any of our dance programs, information relating to program timetables, enrollment availability or simply would like to watch a class in action.

0408 847 759

I just want to take the opportunity to thank ALL the staff at the school and congratulate you on a professional, well organised and entertaining concert!!! It was a very stress free process for us parents and I was amazed to see what you achieved in the 5 weeks of preparation for the concert. The communication was brilliant right down to the you tube clips of directions, hair and makeup!!!


My daughter and I adore this Dance Centre. Teachers are positive in their teaching technique to all students.  Very family friendly and no sewing of costumes. Love – Love.

Linda Harris

Jane Grech

Jane Grech

Creative Director

Jane is passionate about sharing her love of dance with others.

Debbie Vinecombe

Debbie Vinecombe


Debbie is a gifted teacher who has the ability to bring out the best in each student she teaches.

Emily Greenhalgh

Emily Greenhalgh


Students simply adore the energy and enthusiasm Emily brings to every class

Meet the rest of the Team

Our Faculty are all professional in their field of expertise.  We draw on their experience and committment to make Jane Grech Dance Centre a success.


Continuous Improvement

We work hard and can always do better. We are never happy with the status quo. We turn problems into challenges.


Enjoyable & Energetic

We are honoured to share our love of dance and do so with energy, passion and enthusiasm.


Quality and Expertise

We prioritise Quality and Expertise by funding and encouraging ongoing professional development strategies and programs. As a result, we are the experts in our field.  We know when to ask for help or take advice.



We use some of our resources and enviable position to enhance the world in which we live, focusing on the lives of children.


Respect, Honesty & Integrity

We treat each other as we would like to be treated. We communicate in a thoughtful, yet sensitive manner. We are aware that as Teachers, we are role models.