Schedule of Fees

We follow the public school terms and the fee schedule below is based on a ten week term. Terms can vary in length due to Public Holidays, and in the case where the term is not ten weeks, the fees are adjusted accordingly (for single classes only, package students already receive discount).

Fees are due before your child starts ‘normal’ classes. That is, the first class after the Trial lesson. The fees for the term must be paid in full before the first class begins – please note that the Teachers cannot accept payments directly. All accounts not paid in full prior to the due date will have a $10 late fee applied, unless a payment arrangement has been made with our offices (prior to the due date.)

Payment can be made by:

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard)
  • Cheque or Money Order by mail – made out to ‘JG Creative’
  • Direct Deposit a�� Our BSB number is 105 135A�and our Account no is A�A�076 088 240A�Please include your childa��s name in the reference section.
  • Pirouettes – Printed invoice must accompany payment.A� For all methods, a payment slip must be completed and handed to your class teacher or mailed to:Jane Grech Dance Centre: PO BOX 110, St Agnes SA 5097

If you have difficulty paying your account, please contact our offices. Discussing or arranging fees during lessons is not appropriate as it encroaches on the childrena��s valuable class time.

As overheads remain the same regardless of attendance, fees are non refundable for classes missed, or if your child does not complete the whole term.

Total the time each student will be attending per week, and refer to the schedule below to determine their fees for the term.

Fees (inc. GST) as based on a ten week term.

Total duration of lessons per week (Cost per ten week term 2016)

1 hour ($165.00)

1 hour 30 minutes ($215.00)

2 hours ($255.00)

2 hours 30 minutes ($290.00)

3 hours ($320.00)

3 hours 30 minutes ($350.00)

4 hours ($390.00)

4 hours 30 minutes ($435.00)

5 hours (Unlimited) ($485.00)