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Dance Magic

Dance Magic has built a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment. Many props are used to share the love, magic and wonder of dance. It is a great introduction to the basics of dance, with a bias towards Ballet and Jazz. For students 3 and 4 years old.

Classical Ballet

A foundation for all dance styles, classical ballet provides the basis of posture, alignment, line and grace while building strength and artistry.


Fast paced, athletic and high intensity, jazz is a modern style danced to current music. It develops stamina, flexibility and encourages confidence.


Tap dance teaches rhythm and coordination in a way no other dance style can. It is challenging and develops musicality and provides a great sense of achievement.


Sometimes referred to as ‘lyrical’, Contemporary requires the strength and alignment developed in classical ballet, while simultaneously creating its own ‘rules’ resulting in freedom, expression and creative opportunities.  Class involves floor work.

Hip Hop

Rhythmically based and inclusive, Hip Hop focuses on strength, energy and dynamics alongside a developing ‘attitude.’

Boyz Hip Hop & Dance

We understand that sometime boys may feel uncomfortable putting on their grove in front of girls. Our Boyz Hip Hop & Dance class is just the answer. Whether you’re new or looking to learn new dance moves come and join this fun and energetic tribe of boys. For Boys aged 8 to 10 years.

Acrobatic Arts for Dance (Acro)

Acrobatic Arts is a skills based class (there is no separate performance outcome / dance in the performance) designed to assist students in achieving tumbling and acrobatic skills as they relate to dance. Master cartwheels, handstands, walkovers while gaining strength, balance and flexibility.



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