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Classical ballet provides the foundation for all other dance forms. Simple exercises are repeated each week, but students will also retain an element of the self expressive freedom through creative exercises. Our program incorporates teaching to the ‘whole child’ and therefore also includes the study of dance history, famous ballets, ballet terminology and body awareness – all which are taught in an age appropriate manner. Students under 8 years are invited to attend Jane Grech Dance Club


Classes include a variety of strength and technical activities using a variety of kicks, turns, jumps and isolations and progress to short and long dance combinations. Students under 8 years are invited to attend Jane Grech Dance Club


Classes guarantee to be a wonderful workout, are full of fun & always very noisy! Tap combines rhythm and musicality with movement. Students under 8 years are invited to attend Jane Grech Dance Club

Hip Hop

Our Hip hop classes are run from Level 1 to 9 and are of mixed gender. (We also offer basic boys only classes Hip Hop classes from level 1 to 3) Hip Hop is a forever evolving genre and gaining popularity across dance schools world wide. Being a high energy class students are taught many variants including popping, locking, waving, street and funk. Student will also be able to inject their own personality and Hip Hop attitude into each class.

Boyz Hip Hop

Our BOYZ Hip Hop class is for boys aged 7-12 years who love music and physical activity. We teach basic Hip Hop moves in age appropriate manner, perfect for beginners also. Classes are fun yet structured and the students enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a “tribe” of boys. Students simply wear black shorts, a white t-shirt or polo shirt and bare feet. Students under 8 years are invited to attend Jane Grech Dance Club

Acrobatic Arts (Acro)

Acrobatic Arts (Acro) is a skills based class (there is no separate performance outcome / dance in the performance) designed to assist students aged 8 years and above in achieving tumbling and acrobatic skills as they relate to dance. Master cartwheels, handstands, walkovers while gaining strength, balance and flexibility. As Acro is a skill based program to accompany dance, a core style of Ballet, Jazz or Tap must be completed in conjunction with an Acro enrolment. Students under 8 years are invited to attend Jane Grech Dance Club


Tuition Fee Structure

Classes are invoice by term. A standard term comprises of 10 weeks (10 classes). Students commencing mid term will be invoiced based on the remaining amount of classes. Total class times are tallied and students will be placed on a package. Tally up the total tuition time per week and refer to the costs below to calculate your termly invoice. Prices are for class tuition only. Costumes, holiday workshops, mid year musical and special events will be invoiced separately.

Fees are due before your child starts ‘normal’ classes. That is, the first class after the Trial lesson. The fees for the term must be paid in full before the first class begins – please note that the Teachers cannot accept payments directly. All accounts not paid in full prior to the due date will have a $10 late fee applied, unless a payment arrangement has been made with our offices (prior to the due date.)

Payment can be made by:

Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard)

Cheque or Money Order

Direct Deposit

Pirouettes – Printed invoice must accompany payment.

If you have difficulty paying your account, please contact our offices. Discussing or arranging fees during lessons is not appropriate as it encroaches on valuable class time.



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